Nicole has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day on Episode 3 of Wynonna Earp

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Jun 24, 2017, 11:52 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Warning: This recap contains copious spoilers for Season 2, Episode 3, "Gonna Getcha Good."

Hello, all you lovely Earpers! Shana has been called away on some business for BBD, so I will be taking over the job of rounding up all the weekly Wynonna Earp goodness for you fine folks. Before she left, I did make one promise: these recaps will be at least 30% gayer from now on.

And what a lovely episode it is to begin carrying out that promise, as this week's begins with the moment we've all been waiting for. We finally get to find out why the hell Waverly was wearing a cheerleading uniform in the Season 2 trailers. And that reason is ... well, Waverly used to be a cheerleader. Oh, and she's putting on a private show for her girlfriend. In this moment we all wish we were Nicole.


Except Nicole kinda doesn't want to be Nicole this week, or any week these days. Ever since finding out what's really going on in Purgatory, Nicole has been feeling more than a little left out. That's to be expected when your girlfriend won't let you sign a blood oath and gets you kicked out of the super-secret paranormal detective agency. But this week we start to realize that it's not just about being on the outside. She's a cop. She's a really good cop, too, and now that she knows what's really going on in Purgatory, the standard drunk and disorderly calls just aren't cutting it.

This whole mindset and the always-bizarre and sometimes gory happenings in Purgatory get Nicole into some trouble this week, too. Because she's pissed at everyone, left out of the case again and still dealing with a girlfriend who is acting really oddly, she takes her rage out on the resident pervert, Tucker Gardner, who is one of the town elite, apparently, and therefore off limits. Nedley puts her on paperwork, which lands her as the only deputy in the office when this week's baddie comes to call. She gets herself roughed up a bit and finally gains some respect and some understanding. Nedley returns, offers her some coffee and reveals that he recruited her to take over for him eventually. He also drops some serious wisdom about how BBD might seem fancy and fun, but being a cop is about protecting people, even, and sometimes especially, from themselves.


And that's really the crux of this episode. It might not technically be the A story, but Nicole's journey figuring out her purpose in Purgatory, recognizing that there is a certain kind of honor in protecting the everyday citizens, those who deny that there's anything paranormal happening in their screwed-up little town, is really the heart of this week's episode.

The rest of the episode is solid, but not quite as exciting as the first two of the season. It's much more of a bridge episode, filling in some of the gaps we need to get us from the last to the next. Dolls is still missing, Doc is still trying to put together the serum that keeps him alive, and Wynonna is still feeling down about all of it, though now she actually knows about Doc's plans.

Meanwhile, Wynonna's old classmates are back in town for the homecoming game, and some of the old championship team are having a bit of a rough time. They're being visited by a creepy scarecrow who makes them rip out their own guts, which is ... less than appetizing.


One of the team members also happens to be one of the few people who likes Wynonna. His name is Perry and hell, he really likes her. Asks her out on a date likes her. Anyway, he also knows what's going on and shares the info with Wynonna, helping her and the others take out the bad guy. The bad guy, by the way, is a wish-granting demon that the team summoned to help them stop sucking so much 10 years ago. Wynonna and Doc realize if they can capture it, they might be able to save Dolls, since pure demon blood is their missing ingredient.

Meanwhile, Waverly is still acting really weird. After last week's spider-eating incident, this week she's snacking on lipstick and stealing shiny things.

Oh, and she's got a very sick Dolls hidden in the barn.

So, what did you think of the latest episode? Are you looking forward to seeing Nicole out of her sensible khakis? Let us know on Twitter!

Oh, and here's another shot of Waverly in her cheerleading outfit. You earned it.

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