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Nightflyers airs full premiere, reveals potential for multiple seasons at NYCC

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Oct 5, 2018, 6:55 PM EDT (Updated)

After SDCC saw plenty of footage from SYFY’s upcoming show adapted from Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin’s novella, Nightflyers broke out its first full episode at its NYCC panel. Coming after the announcement that the full series would drop over the course of only a few weeks in December on all SYFY platforms, it made quite a splash. 

**SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for Nightflyers haunt the story below!**

The spacebound show features a trapped serial killer aboard a spaceship, the Nightflyer, populated by psychics, scientists, and plenty of tension. Horror, sci-fi, and suspicion haunt the cast — especially during the premiere, which opens up with the final scene of the series. Then we start from the beginning. It's a mind trip that takes from sci-fi's best, bringing some genuine psychological horror (that references 2001SunshineThe Matrix, and more) to the screen.

After the screening, stars Eoin Macken, Gretchen Mol, and David Ajala spoke to fans alongside showrunner Jeff Buhler and executive producers David Bartis and Gene Klein. The cast was reeling from the screening, as it was the first time they'd seen the full episode as well. Ajala said that unlearning physical contact was a difficult part of the acting process as the Nightflyer's hologram captain.

Ajala also had some happier news: A planned death for season one was rewritten — a death that, if Ajala's joy was any indication, was for his character Captain Roy Eris. So it seems the good captain will survive through the end. And perhaps beyond, as Buhler's pitch was revealed to have included the first five bloody minutes (that was teased to perhaps not be exactly what it seems) — and a solid plan for seasons two and three.

Nightflyers' first five episodes will debut Dec. 2 - 6 on SYFY.

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