Nightmare on Elm Street guide: 6 ways to kill Freddy

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

On April 30, everyone's favorite charred dream slayer returns in a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street with none other than Rorschach himself, Jackie Earle Haley, putting on the razor glove as the new Freddy Krueger. As in the original movie, the new Freddy possesses the power to kill you in your sleep.

So how do you stop someone so studied in kill skills? We take a look at the six ways to put the fearsome Krueger to rest once and for ... well, until the next film ... with helpful instructional videos.


If there's one thing Freddy hates more than facial cream, it's a fair-and-square fight. After all, Freddy's boundless powers come from his command of the dream world. Bring him into reality and he's just a creep with some burns and a ratty sweater. Any baseball bat or shotgun should now suffice.

Back in the original Nightmare, Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) first discovers this tactic when she accidentally pulls his fedora out of a dream. She concocts a plan with Johnny Depp to pull Krueger out of the dream world. To prep for the unwanted houseguest, Nancy has booby-trapped the place Home Alone-style, and a powerless Freddy is easy pickings.


It's pretty much a running theme through the course of the series that if you don't believe in Freddy, he can't hurt you. Of course, it's a wildly inconsistent theory, with middling results, so try this one at your own risk.

In the first movie, after pulling Freddy out of the dream world, Nancy turns her back on Freddy. "I know the secret now," she says with authority. "This is just a dream. You're not alive." Freddy dives at Nancy and disappears in a haze of cheesy '80s blue blur effects.

But as Freddy grows in strength during the course of the series, this tactic is pretty flimsy. Before turning Debbie (Brooke Theiss) into a big cockroach and smushing her in Part 4, The Dream Master, the fitness guru attempts a similar tactic. While lifting weights, Freddy shows up as an unwanted spotter. "I don't believe in you," Debbie tells him. Without missing a beat, Freddy responds, "I believe in you"—before pushing the weights back against her and tearing her arms in two at the elbows. Ouch!

Bless Him

With Freddy's mum being a nun and him being the bastard son of a thousand maniacs, the dream slayer split with the church some time ago. His mommy dearest, Amanda Krueger (Nan Martin in part three, Beatrice Boepple in part five), wants him put to rest.

In part three, Dream Warriors, Amanda suggests that Nancy's would-be suitor, Dr. Neil Gordon (Craig Wasson), go after Freddy's bones. Along with Nancy's dad (John Saxon), Gordon tracks Krueger's remains down in a salvage yard. The doc throws holy water on the bones. Beams of light shoot through Freddy just before he can kill Kristen (Patricia Arquette). Add a cross and a blessing and Freddy is laid to rest ... until part four.

Momma Krueger again surfaces in part five, The Dream Child, to help Alice's unborn son defeat Freddy from the womb. I'd explain how he does it, but it didn't make much sense on screen, and it will make even less sense to you in print, so you'll have to see for yourself below.

Dazzle Him With Montages and Mad Skills

Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master proves through many righteous '80s musical montages that proper training and skills can be the key to taking down Freddy. Apparently all that smoke inhalation really did a number on his cardio. May we suggest a Wii Fit, Mr. Krueger?

After Alice's (Lisa Wilcox) friends and family members start dropping like flies to Freddy's glove, she unwittingly acquires the skills of her friends. She's stronger, she can really work a pair of nunchucks, and, well, she's also picked up a nasty smoking habit. While hair metal blares, Alice gets gussied up in the clothing and jewelry of her dead pals. She kicks the crap out of Krueger to soften him up, but she needs a little help from her friends (see next entry) to finish the job.

It's All About the Souls

In Dream Warriors, Freddy reveals that he is getting more powerful by collecting the souls of his victims. He bares his chest to show the souls of his victims screaming in agony and fighting to break free of Freddy's six-pack. "Always room for more," Freddy says with a smirk.

Again, in part four, the souls come into play. During the climax mentioned above, Freddy tells Alice, "You've got their powers, but I've got their souls." Alice offers up a sound beatdown, shows Freddy his ugly mug in a shattered piece of stained glass and finally calls upon the souls to finish the job.

Distract Him

Freddy's not a multitasker. If his mind's not on the job at hand, taking him down is a breeze. In Freddy's Dead: The (not so) Final Nightmare, Krueger must square off against his long-lost daughter, Maggie (Lisa Zane). Much as Vader tried to recruit Luke, Freddy was hoping to share some interests with his little girl. Instead, Freddy finds himself stabbed to death with his own glove, a victim of his own sentimental side. "Kids," he says, before exploding in glorious 3-D.

Freddy vs. Jason pits Krueger against a more formidable foe than he's used to, fellow '80s slasher king Jason Voorhees. Freddy battles it out with Jason in an epically brutal (and undeniably silly) monster fight. When he's almost got Jason beat, he gets distracted by the teen that got away, Lori (Monica Keena). Jason takes advantage and rips Freddy's arm off, eventually impaling Freddy with his own glove. Lori happily steps in and beheads Krueger with Jason's machete.

As an added bonus, here's a montage showing each and every one of Mr. Krueger's traumatic death scenes.

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