Nightwing exclusive: The Isle of Harm death race revs up in this first look at #49

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Sep 17, 2018, 1:59 PM EDT

Like a glorious grindhouse film, the latest story in Nightwing, "Harm's Way" has been a thrill ride of bar fights, death races, and full-throttle action in an anything-goes-story. It is written by Benjamin Percy, with art by Amancay Nahuelpan, and we've got the first five pages in this week's new issue, Nightwing #49, to show readers.

For the uninitiated, in Nightwing Annual #1, The Dark Web captured Vicki Vale and Willem Cloke and threatened to kill them, leading into Nightwing #48. In exchange for their lives, Dick Grayson has entered a motorcycle race off the coast of Ireland, on the Isle of Harm. There's an annual race that heroes, villains, aliens, humans, and gods join, but the rest of the outside world is oblivious to it.

The winner will be granted one answer to any question, by the Celtic god of paths, Cimialcinnus. It's described as a "cosmic Google that can access deep time and space." Nightwing not only plans to win the race and save his friends, but also do something for the Dark Web — hack into Cimialcinnus' altar to access this knowledge anytime they want.  

Nightwing #49 Page 2

Nightwing #49 Page 2 by Amancay Nahuelpan

For readers, the race has become a who's who in the DC Universe as we've already seen Professor Pyg and Flamingo, and, at the end of last issue, The Silencer. In these first few pages of Nightwing #49, we pick up with Silencer giving the impression that she knows who's behind everything. 

Unfortunately, this Isle of Harm storyline will be Percy's last story — he's been on Nightwing since issue #44 and will end with next month's landmark 50th issue. If you watch our Behind the Panel interview (above), Percy had some grand plans past issue #50 that either have to be scrapped or picked up by another creative team. 

He mentioned as much on Twitter that he had a longer story planned but may be pulled in the direction of the adaptation of his trilogy novel series, The Comet Cycle, which is being produced by the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), who are is also helping bring Deadly Class to television. It's a shame to only get a portion of what he was planning to do, but we shall wait to see how the next creative team picks up where Percy leaves off, because based on the cover to Nightwing #50, it will be one heck of baton exchange.

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive preview of the first five pages of Nightwing #49, written by Percy, and interior art by Amancay Nahuelpan. Mike Perkins, John Romita Jr., and Danny Miki supply the covers. Check them out: