Nightwing director Chris McKay gives casting update as Stranger Things actor posts mysterious Nightwing tweet

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Nov 6, 2017, 12:36 PM EST

Chris McKay, former Robot Chicken producer and director of The LEGO Batman movie, is making his way to live-action films with the upcoming Nightwing movie. So who will play Batman’s ally and former boy wonder Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing?

It remains to be seen. According to McKay, the casting process has yet to begin.

However, sharp-eyed fans of Dacre Montgomery, who appeared in Stranger Things 2 as Max’s awful older brother, noticed something on the actor’s Twitter page: Montgomery posted, then immediately took down, a picture of Nightwing. This has led to speculation that Montgomery is a contender… or is actively stumping for the role.

But considering McKay is the one with the final say, if he says there will be an open casting call — and he did when he confirmed it with a fan — that means you, yes you, can beat Montgomery for the role. Get your headshots ready.

McKay said on Twitter that pre-production will start as soon as a script is locked down, although he did not specify a date.

Nightwing began life not in Detective Comics but in Superman: Nightwing, a Kryptonian bird, is also the name that Superman used when he and Jimmy Olsen appeared in the bottled city of Kandor back in 1963 — becoming vigilantes much like Batman and Robin. (FYI: Olsen used the name Flamebird.) Superman’s cousin Van-Zee became Nightwing in 1977 on Kandor; Dick became Nightwing in 1984 on Earth.

That was all pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths. Post-Crisis Dick learned that Nightwing was a legendary Kryptonian. He took on the role to honor both Batman and Superman.