Nightwing director Chris McKay promises a 'badass action movie'

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Sep 14, 2017, 1:28 PM EDT

Dick Grayson is finally getting his due.

That's the word from Chris McKay, director of The LEGO Batman Movie, who has been tasked by Warner Bros. to bring their DC superhero Nightwing to the big screen as part of DC's Extended Universe.

"It's gonna be a f***ing badass action movie with a lot of heart and emotion. It’s gonna be a crazy, fun ride," McKay tells Collider. "Whoever gets cast as Nightwing, and any of the other actors around, are gonna go through a f***ng boot camp experience because it's gonna be a lot."

Nightwing, as every fanboy knows, is the alter ego Grayson takes for himself after he leaves Batman and his identity as Robin behind and goes into the crime-fighting business for himself.

And McKay is stoked, considering the Boy Wonder in his view has yet to be done proper justice on celluloid (see 1998's Batman & Robin for starters). And like a certain Dark Knight director before him, he plans to make Nightwing a "visceral experience" for moviegoers.

"It's not gonna be like a lot of these movies where there's a lot of CG and flying, and things like that. Everything he does is gonna have to be real," says the helmer. "His superpower is being really f***ing good, as a human being, at fighting and gymnastics and s*** like that, so you're gonna see that on screen. It's gonna be fun!"

In panel form, Nightwing has been a serious force to be reckoned with for some time now.

The name Nightwing first made its debut in DC's Superman comics when the Man of Steel and Jimmy Olsen ended up stranded on the planet Kandor and assumed new superhero guises inspired by the Dynamic Duo – Superman as Nightwing and Jimmy as Flamebird.

In 1984, recalling his and Batman's adventure with Nightwing and Flamebird on Kandor when he decides to finally leave the nest, Grayson assumes the mantle of Nightwing in tribute to Batman and Superman. 

And it's that version that DC Films and Warner Bros. plan to introduce in the DCEU, that is, if they can ever figure out a release date given their ever-busy slate. So far, the studio has a slew of DC characters in feature development -- everything from a Joker standalone movie, a Joker and Harley Quinn team up, and a Suicide Squad sequel to solo outings for Batgirl, Deadshot, and Black Adam with The Rock in the lead.

The next DCEU entry to hit theaters will be the long-awaited Justice League, due out Nov. 17, followed by Aquaman next year and Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 in 2019.