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Nightwing lives as director confirms film not dead

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Despite not hearing much about the project since July and the general upheaval affecting most of the DCEU, Chris McKay’s Nightwing movie seems to still be chugging along in development, albeit slowly and steadily.

The character, who recently appeared in DC Universe’s dark and gritty show Titans as Dick Grayson, has had plans for his own film since February of last year. But since Deadpool 2 actor Lewis Tan teased that he’d had a meeting in which he’d mentioned his interest in the role, there’s been very little to hear about the project.

With Superman actor Henry Cavill’s exit from the universe and other general insecurities about the future of the DC film world, fans worried that Nightwing was no more. So McKay answered a Twitter query with all the comic-referencing tact he could without getting too inside-baseball:

The LEGO Batman director conceded that fans would have to wait for the movie, but that’s confirmation: Nightwing lives. Waiting for the dust to settle around Cavill’s exit and a few of the DCEU’s other various controversies is key — and waiting for the Titans version of the character to have his day in the moonlight is also a nice bit of brand synergy. No use stepping on your company’s TV show by usurping its character.

When that announcement finally comes, who’s your pick for Nightwing?