Nightwing voice actor glad he's finally getting some romance in Harley Quinn movie

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Sep 15, 2017, 1:00 PM EDT

Mild Spoilers for Batman and Harley Quinn, the recently released animated movie, ahead!

Even though it's been 25 years since the premiere of Batman: The Animated Series, Loren Lester had no reservations about coming back and voice Dick Grayson, in his Nightwing persona, once more.

"They called me! That's all it took!" Lester told SYFY WIRE with a laugh during an interview at Wizard World Nashville. "They called me, they sent me the script, I read the script, and said, 'I'm in!'"

The actor, who reprised his role alongside Kevin Conroy as Batman, appreciates being able to grow with his character, a rarity in animation. Most voice actors are voicing a character for only one short span of their lives (both the actor and the character), but Dick Grayson got to actually grow up.

"I've always had a very young-sounding voice, everyone tells me I still have the same voice from when I first started," he says. "I was very fortunate with that, that I could play him as a young teenager, then as the show progressed, more as a college age or post-college guy, which was the age I was when I was doing the show, and I could lower it a little deeper as Nightwing. So I was very lucky to be able to do both those voices."

Returning for Batman and Harley Quinn, the latest release from DC Animation and a return to the "Timmverse" style of animation that Bruce Timm started with Batman: The Animated Series was a blast for Lester, who got to watch the movie with a thousand fans at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

"It was really great. I really didn't want to miss being able to go to that, because I wanted to hear the live audience," he says. The actor was particularly anxious to see if the comedic moments in the film landed, and was happy to hear when they did. "When you do a project, you think it's going to have a certain reaction, especially with a comedy – you kind of know where the laughs are, and you're waiting for a big laugh. This one, the laughs just brought the house down. A few times, it really shocked us!"

Of course, all anyone talked about for the first couple of days when Batman and Harley Quinn hit was that scene (and here there be SPOILERS): After a little rough and tumble fight out on the streets, Harley Quinn and Nightwing wind up having a little rough and tumble in the sheets.

"The scene!" Lester says, laughing more voraciously this time. "Finally, Dick got to have a romance!"

The actor had previously been frustrated at the lack of a love life for Dick Grayson in animation, especially considering he, let's say enjoys himself quite a bit in the pages of DC Comics.

"I think only in SubZero [the BTAS animated film] did he get any romance, and he was still Robin, still a kid, then. There's been no romance for Nightwing until now, and I was very happy with that," he says.

In fact, that would be one of the things that would keep Lester around in the world of Dick Grayson. He's love to continue his story in that universe, and go into a deeper romance in a future movie – maybe even one centered more specifically on his Nightwing.

"Hopefully there'll be more movies – more Nightwing projects – because I'd love to go forward with [the romance aspect]. I'd love to do more with the character."

Batman and Harley Quinn, featuring the return of Loren Lester and Kevin Conroy together in their roles as Nightwing and Batman, is available now on Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-ray. Check out Wizard World's homepage for the next stop in the Wizard World tour.