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Nightwing’s bright eyes, full heart can’t lose in upcoming live action film

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Bringing the comic book likeness of a hero to the screen is one of the great perks and often bobbled duties of the superhero film, but thanks to one director’s comments on social media, an upcoming film’s fanbase has new hope.

Chris McKay, the director that brought one of the most realistic representations of Batman to the screen in as unrealistic a way as possible in The Lego Batman Movie, is in charge of DC’s soon-to-come standalone Nightwing film. Now he has the chance, by including the white eyes inherent in most Batman-adjacent superhero costumes, to continue his trend of fidelity.

These eyes go across the Bat-crew, hiding the identities of those like Robin, Batwoman, and yes, Nightwing, in ways that Michael Keaton, George Clooney, or even Christian Bale wouldn’t find favorable for acting. That said, both The Dark Knight and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice feature brief scenes of glowing white eyes, but only when something special is activated, be it sonar or a mecha-suit.

When fan Ian Griffen brought up the issue on Twitter, advocating for round-the-clock bright eyes, McKay was quick to follow up:

If nothing else, this confirms that McKay is squarely in the white eyes corner, regardless of what the DCEU pushes in terms of costuming. While this choice conceals the secret identity and looks cool overall, it also obscures the actor’s eyes. That means acting is harder and the studio gets less bang for its casting buck.

However, in a Nightwing film that may value other things more highly and have less at stake in terms of A-list actor ego, this comic callback could be just one of many steps the Bat-universe will take to win back fans put off by the studio’s recent, more lackluster offerings.