Nikita producer explains why [REDACTED] had to die

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Dec 17, 2012

The season finale of The CW's femme fatale spy series Nikita ended with a bang, and one longtime character bit the dust. So why did it have to happen? Spoilers ahead!

As anyone who watched the season-two ending knows, longtime baddie Percy Rose (Xander Berkeley) did not survive the festivities—which was a pretty big twist, considering he's been one of the major thorns in Nikita's (Maggie Q) side since the start.

According to showrunner Craig Silverstein, the decision to take out Percy was a tough one, but it was really the only way to go with Nikita taking over Division heading into next season. Here's what he told TV Line:

"It was really for the sake of Percy. In stripping his character down at the beginning of the season in that great cell, it gave this really terrific, natural arc for him to bubble back up and then go rogue—which I wish we could have done even longer. But then we needed him to take back over Division, and once that happens what you don't want to do is just return to status quo ... I always wanted Nikita to take over Division at the end of the season, but where are you going to go? Throw Percy back in the cell? Or does he go on the run again? Whatever it is, it's an 'again.' There's also the idea that the more he fails to take down Nikita, the less of a threat he becomes. And the more she fails to really take him down, the less effective of a hero she is. Also, as people know, we're the show where stuff happens. [Laughs] So, all of that fed into the death of Percy."
As for where they'll take the show next, following The CW's 11th-hour decision to bring the series back for a third year, Silverstein said that's something they're actually trying to figure out right now.

"I'm looking forward to figuring that out, because there are so many fun way to go," he said. It is a new show! It's very different, and I think that's exciting. For me, as a writer, it's so exciting because now I get to figure this out, as opposed to just taking a big stamp that has 'Nikita' on the bottom of it and stamping 'em out. [Laughs] It a saga that just continues to grow."

Sound off: Were you shocked to see Percy get taken out?

(Via TV Line)

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