Nimoy to Roddenberry: Stop 'jeopardizing our future' with bloopers

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Dec 14, 2012

Can you imagine Star Trek without bloopers? Not us. They've been a staple of Star Trek conventions as long as there have BEEN Star Trek conventions. But it turns out that not everybody loves them. One person in particular who wanted them to go away ... was Leonard Nimoy.

Back in 1976 (ignore the date stamp below), Nimoy grew annoyed that Roddenberry was screening bloopers without his permission. And without pay.

"If the use of the film is so important to you that it is worth jeopardizing our future working relationship," wrote Nimoy, "then perhaps we should establish that worth in dollars."

Obviously, the two eventually settled their differences. We'd love to know exactly how, so if anyone knows where we can find Roddenberry's written response, let us know.

Check out the complete letter below.

(via Letter of Note)

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