Ninjak returns to the Deadside in Valiant's Rapture

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May 2, 2017, 11:50 AM EDT (Updated)

Hold onto your soul, because the Rapture is coming to the Valiant Universe this summer.

Courtesy of writer Matt Kindt (Ninjak) and artist CAFU (Unity), deadly super-spy Ninjak will be heading to the Valiant Universe’s underworld — known as the Deadside — along with voodoo priestess Punk Mambo and the new Geomancer, Tama. There they will encounter a number of terrifying creatures and new fantastical characters, as well as the return of Valiant icon Shadowman. The crew will have to contend with the legions of an elder god named Babel, who is leading his forces in an invasion of "Heaven."

Kindt has already helmed several Valiant titles in the past, including events like last year's 4001 A.D. and 2015's The Valiant, where readers were first introduced to the most recent Geomancer. The series also builds off previous arcs of his Ninjak series, specifically "Operation: Deadside," when Ninjak traveled to the hellish dimension the first time. "Ninjak hated the Deadside and all the magic stuff so much that it was just too fun not to keep forcing him back there," Kindt said in the announcement interview with Nerdist.

But despite the familiar setting, readers should expect an experience unlike anything Valiant has done before. According to Valiant CEO Dinesh Shamdasani, "This series is 'Lord of the Rings' for the Valiant Universe, and Matt Kindt and CAFU have crafted a sprawling, Tolkien-esque journey that will see Ninjak, Shadowman, the Geomancer, and Punk Mambo fighting alongside a barbarian horde in one of their grandest battles yet." The publisher also promises the series will be a perfect spot for new readers to jump in as well as provide lasting ramifications for the universe that will excite longtime fans.

Valiant has really come into 2017 swinging, having previously announced an anniversary one-shot for their Immortal Brothers, a new series from the screenwriter of Arrival, and are preparing to launch a major new series for their flagship character X-O Manowar in March, also written by Kindt. It was already looking to be a banner year for one of the most exciting publishers in comics and now Rapture is just the icing on the cake.

Are you prepared for Valiant's Rapture? Are you excited for the return of Shadowman? Say your prayers in the comments below!

(Cover art by Mico Suayan and J.G. Jones)