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Nintendo Direct reveals all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters, Spirit Battles, new DLC

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Nov 1, 2018, 11:08 AM EDT

The fan-favorite brawling crossover series Super Smash Bros. will be bringing its trademark mix of items, tight combat, and ridiculous amount of characters to the Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now, thanks to the final Nintendo Direct announcement from the gaming company before the game’s release, fans now know exactly who is filling out the roster.

First is Street Fighter’s Ken, with his spinning kicks and devastating uppercuts, as he takes on Little Mac and even Link from Legend of Zelda in the video tease. He’s Ryu’s echo fighter -- meaning basically a re-skinned version of the character but with minor changes to skills and stats -- and will take his influence from the classic arcade game.

The final fighter of the 74-person roster is Incineroar the Pokémon, which takes plenty of tips from the pro wrestling world. It uses moves from both the Pokémon Sun and Moon moveset and some actual wrestling moves, like throwing opponents off the ropes. But wait — if you pre-order the game, you'll also unlock the Piranha Plant as a fighter in the game, who will launch a few months after the game comes out.

When first playing the game, fans will only have the number of characters available to them that they had back in the day when first booting up the original Super Smash Bros. for N64. But when they fill up the roster... almost 75 characters will enter combat. There are also spirit characters from many different games that will help power up the fighters in lieu of the cosmetic character trophies from earlier games.

These span four power levels that will help augment your fighter with additional stats and skills, which can be unlocked through Spirit Battles against specific combinations of enemies in challenge modes. To unlock Animal Crossing’s porcupine tailor sisters, for example, one must defeat three Sonic the Hedgehogs. This component of the game looks to add plenty of minigames and training modes to the already complex fighter — because this isn’t just for single-player. Multiplayer fights can also utilize spirits, while assist trophies unleash minor fighters for one-off moves in combat — 59 in total.

A new app is also being developed by Nintendo called Smash World that will highlight videos and other achievements for fighters playing the game. The game will also be developing paid DLC that will offer more new stages and five additional DLC characters — all totally new. No echo fighters here. This pack will cost $24.99 for all the additional content.

While there’s no confirmed date for its release (though it may take a year or so, according to the announcement), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate blasts its way into stores on Dec. 7.