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Nintendo Labo ghost-hunting game makes your home Luigi's Mansion

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Aug 28, 2018, 12:13 PM EDT

Want to be a Ghostbuster in your own home? Have an underdog syndrome that manifests by wearing green and growing a killer mustache? Well then a Japanese Nintendo fan’s custom Luigi’s Mansion-based game for the Labo may be right up your alley — no Luigi board necessary.

As IGN reports, the DIY capabilities of the system’s Toy-Con Garage has allowed some enterprising fans to hunt ghosts with the cardboard prop. You find a ghost, catch the ghost, and resume sleeping in relative peace. Thanks to Twitter user Nawafuji, we can see the Boo-hunting action in motion.

Take a look:

So while you’ve dimmed the lights, tracked the spectre, and shaken your makeshift Poltergust 3000 like a Polter-roid picture in order to successfully capture it, you can appreciate the intensely complex code that went into this DIY augmented reality game — not to mention the peripheral. It’s a magnifying glass, the Switch screen, and some good old fashioned ingenuity that makes any gamer into a terrified Luigi.

But not a dead Luigi, thank goodness. Switch fans have been competing in the Nintendo Labo Creator's Contest to make the most innovative, creative creations with the gaming company’s malleable add-ons — and hunting ghosts is just one of the many uses the Labo will find over the course of the exciting competition.