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Nintendo says Mario is officially a plumber again

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Mar 6, 2018, 1:28 PM EST

For a while there, Nintendo's Super Mario had abandoned his original profession of plumber. It did make sense because he hadn't so much as snaked a clogged sink or plungered a blocked toilet in the 37 years since he debuted in Donkey Kong as Jumpman. The only justification for giving him the title of plumber was that Mario gets around via a system of pipes. Back in September, the energetic, overalls-wearing, and mustachioed Italian made it official when a Nintendo profile claimed that he was a plumber many years ago, but wasn't anymore. 

Now, the company is backtracking on the move and restoring Mario to his rightful place as a pipe-clearing master. In the character index on Nintendo's Japanese website, Mario describes himself as "cheerful" and ready for any sport, from tennis and baseball to soccer and car racing. More important, he calls his occupation that of a plumber and goes on to say, per Google's translation, "But the place of activity does not stop there. I love Princess Peach, and if Princess Peach is in trouble, I will go help at any time. With a good jump and various power-ups, I will face a bad guy."

Who says you can't be both plumber and princess savior? The Mario brothers started out as simple New York plumbers in the live-action movie and then became heroes, but most of us wish that film had never happened and it's probably not canon, anyway. Why he left the job in the first place is a mystery. Maybe he went back to trade school to train as an electrician or construction manager. 

Still, it's good to have Mario restored to his rightful occupation, even if we've never seen him show up at someone's house to unclog a drain.