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Nintendo Switch outsells the Wii U in less than one year

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Jan 31, 2018, 9:58 AM EST

Nintendo’s Switch console has been a hype machine since its debut less than 11 months ago—pushing a resurgence in the company’s share of mainstream gaming and inviting experimentation like the new Labo peripherals—and now it’s already outperformed the Wii U’s total lifespan. In less than a year.

According to Gamespot, 12.13 million Switches were sold from its debut in March through the end of last year, with 2.74 million sold during the launch month alone.

That’s a total of 14.87 million, which beats the 13.56 million Wii Us sold from its 2012 launch until last November by a country mile. While Wii U sales figures for the past two months aren’t available, it’s unlikely the moribund console has made up the difference.

Bolstered by strong first-party games like Super Mario Odyssey, the console's best-selling game to date, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Switch has made Nintendo extremely happy with hardware and software sales.

The company now has eight Switch titles that sold over a million copies in the last fiscal year, which contributes to the boost in profits the company has enjoyed over the past year.

The Switch is currently on pace to catch the success of the Gamecube, which sold 21.74 million little purple lunchboxes, but is still quite a distance from the revolutionary Wii, which sold a staggering 101.63 million. However, this means that Nintendo is back in the game after a worrying generation of console sales and lackluster titles, so the future looks as bright as ever for Mario and crew.