No hard feelings: Warner Brothers has some fun with their own Ryan Reynolds fail

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May 19, 2018, 2:12 PM EDT

Deadpool 2 is, as expected, doing swimmingly at the box, netting 53.3 million dollars in it's opening day (including Thursday night previews) and allowing it to vault over New Line/ Warner Bros.'s It to achieve the highest opening day yet for an R rated movie. 

But Warner Brothers didn't seem to have it's Stephen King clown title's record loss on the brain in looking at the wild success of the Ryan Reynold's helmed Deadpool franchise. Instead, the studio seemed to be reflecting on a time, far away, but not that long ago (say maybe just seven years ago?) when a Ryan Reynolds superhero franchise was just within their reach...but they let it all slip away with ill-advised CG costuming. By this, we mean of course, that superhero flick you probably maybe haven't seen: Green Lantern. 

Undeterred by the loss and full of good humor for Reynolds' continued success in the superhero milieu in the hands of 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. celebrated their brief moment in the sun with Reynolds in the following tweet.

[Might wanna cue up Whitney Houston's "Didn't We Almost Have It All?" while reading.] 

All that is well and good, but SPOILER ALERT, we hope they are saying this after having seen the end credits sequence of Deadpool 2 , which, um, references the Green Lantern film too...in it's own, very Deadpool way.