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No, Mark Hamill is not dead and he'll prove it to you

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Feb 17, 2018

Star Wars fans nearly suffered a Han attack today when posts on social media purported that Mark Hamill had died. Before many could wonder if he'd return to our plane of existence as a Force Ghost, the 66-year-old actor, who recently reprised his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jediposted on Twitter in order to reassure his 2.5 million followers that he was still alive and kicking. Mocking a dramatic newspaper headline, he wrote: "HAMILL DIES: Much of Nation Mourns GOP: Meh#DontRushMe." Hamill is often outspoken about his disdain for Donald Trump, and this tweet is further reflection of his regular political views. 

Enjoy his original post below:

While many understandably worried at the false news of Hamill's passing, Luke's return to the franchise in The Last Jedi split fans down the middle back in December. Some were pleased to see a more cynical and jaded version of the fallen hero, while others felt Rian Johnson brought back a beloved character just to take a giant ... well, needless to say, the second group wasn't at all pleased with the handling of Luke. Heck, even Hamill initially disagreed with the direction of the Jedi Master the writer-director had in mind. Nevertheless, the eighth Star Wars movie did gangbusters and brought in over $1 billion for Disney. 

It's well known on social media that Hamill's got a healthy sense of humor and an even more passionate devotion to his fans. He often wishes people "Happy Birthday" when they ask for it and even includes a nice little reaction .gif of the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, whom he voiced on the show. Today, he brushed off the macabre rumors in the best way possible, almost like this:


Whether he's still got the physical prowess to take on a full-grown Rancor is another story. We'll be waiting for his Twitter confirmation on that particular front. 

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