No one is safe in The 100’s extended third season trailer

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Dec 14, 2015

The 100 isn’t afraid to change the game. If you’ve never watched it and appreciate a show that kills relentlessly, now would be a good time to get caught up (the first two seasons are on Netflix).

But for those of us who already know that The 100 is the best show on television that only huge TV nerds know about, the long-awaited third season trailer is finally here.


Yes, the Clarke and Lexa ‘shipping may continue in earnest. Unless you’re a Bellarke, in which case (grumble, grumble) there’s some hugging for you people, too. There’s also a battle of the Blakes, the inevitable Kabby romance subplot bubbling to the surface, and what appear to be countless hundreds of bodies strewn across the ground.

All this plus new characters, a little good old-fashioned PTSD, and Clarke going full redhead and freaky with ... somebody? It better be Lexa, I swear. Don’t you unqueer on me now, show.

What do you think? Who’s gonna die? Who do you want to die? PEOPLE GONNA DIE, YOU GUYS.

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