No lightsabers yet, but this new toy allows you to use the Force, Luke

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

OK, admit it. Ever since you first saw Star Wars, you've practiced moving stuff with your mind, right?

Well, the New York Post says there's a new toy that will let you do that very thing.

Here's how the newspaper describes the new Star Wars-branded "Force Trainer."

A new toy that harnesses the same technology doctors use to monitor brain waves will arrive in stores in August. The toy moves when it senses a change in the user's brain-wave patterns.

"It's pretty cutting-edge," says, Frank Adler, executive vice president of Uncle Milton, the toy company that manufactures the Star Wars-branded Force Trainer. "It certainly appears to be where things are headed." ...

Scientists call the technology BCI, or Brain Computer Interface, and more sensitive, medical-grade versions are used to help amputees move artificial limbs and victims of paralysis communicate using a computer and software that reacts thought.

Acquiring the powers of the Force won't be cheap: The Force Trainer is expected to sell for about $120. Here's a video of the toy in action.

Now if they could only come up with a device that lets you control the weak-minded ...