Falling Skies S2: Get ready for Matt Frewer, Terry O'Quinn and more!

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Dec 17, 2012

Friday afternoon, the cast and crew of TNT's Falling Skies descended upon Comic-Con. Blastr was on hand to get some details about the 2nd Mass and what's next for season two. Karen's back, Terry O'Quinn's on the way, and Maggie's got a gun.

For most of the second season Tom has been in a haze. After leaving the alien ship he suffered some serious memory loss. Unfortunately, his portrayer, Noah Wyle, thinks he'll stay in the dark a little longer.

"The things that happened on the ship, obviously introducing Red Eye as a sympathetic character—the alien that tortured me—is pretty significant," said Wyle. "It has a lot to do with where the end of the season goes. Those blacked-out memories play less of a role. This season, anyway."

This Sunday, Tom's former shipmate Karen makes a return to the 2nd Mass. And she doesn't receive a warm welcome. She and Maggie (Sarah Carter) will have a major confrontation.

"It's complicated, because I have a lot of respect for Hal and Hal's potential love for Karen, and definitely his feelings for Karen," said Carter. "But I'm wary of her. It's typical Maggie, taking a step back and assessing the situation. And then, yes, there is a confrontation. I can tell you that much. I get protective, let's just say that."

In the promos, it looks like Karen will be spending some quality time with Ben. They've both been harnessed, and now they're back with the rest of the group. Connor Jessup teases that they have a bond that no one else can relate to. 

"Karen and Ben are interesting now, because Karen is the now the only main character who's been through what Ben's been through. It's obvious potential for a connection there. That's all I'll say. It's one of my favorite storylines of the season."

We couldn't let the group go without getting some info on Terry O'Quinn's arrival. Showrunner Remi Aubuchon filled us in on the dynamic that will play out with not only O'Quinn but another guest star—Matt Frewer.

"They are integral, really, to Tom Mason and Captain Weaver," explained Aubuchon. "In that, in some ways, doppelgangers. Terry does an amazing job. His character and Tom Mason, by coincidence, knew each other very well"

O'Quinn will appear at the end of the season, which Wyle says will be a true cliffhanger. "We tend to like to write ourselves into a very serious corner. And then spend the hiatus trying to figure out how to write ourselves out of it."