Nolan says he'd 'love' to tackle another hero in the DC universe

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT

The Nolan brothers' Dark Knight trilogy may be over, but that doesn't mean they're completely done playing in DC's superhero sandbox.

In an interview with IGN from New York Comic-Con this weekend, Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan—a writer on the last two Batman films—was asked if he'd ever dig a little deeper into DC's expansive treasure trove of characters for future films.

He's currently busy on CBS's hit series Person of Interest, but that doesn't mean he's not thinking a few more steps ahead.

Though he didn't say which potential franchise interests him most, he did leave the door wide open for a return to the genre at some point in the future.

Check out the interview below, which also includes some vague (but intriguing) thoughts on the ending to The Dark Knight Rises:

Which DC franchise would you like to see the Nolan gang take on next?

(Via IGN)

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