Nolan gets cagey about Man of Steel/Justice League crossover rumors

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Evidence is mounting that 2013's Man of Steel could lay some type of groundwork for DC's upcoming Justice League flick, and now producer Christopher Nolan has responded to the buzz.

As the man who has kept us guessing for years in the build-up to each entry of his Dark Knight saga, Nolan knows how to maintain an absurd level of secrecy. It seems he's taken that trait with him over to the Superman reboot, where he's serving as a producer along with director Zack Snyder.

When asked by Movieline if a version of Batman might pop up at some point in the film to bridge the gap into Justice League, Nolan flashed a big grin and got coy. See, there's a rumor making the rounds that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could cameo in some capacity (playing the next Batman is one rumor).

Here's Nolan's response:

"I can't talk about that. You know that."
Hmm. Nolan has said all along that his controversial ending to The Dark Knight Rises, which set up Gordon-Levitt's Gotham cop as Batman's heir apparent, was only meant to end his trilogy—not kick off the next Batman saga.

But we know Nolan loves to get Gordon-Levitt into his projects these days, so let the speculation abound. Shoot, he could even take on the mantle of the new Bruce Wayne in the Justice League continuity, or play a connecting role ala Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in Marvel's Phase One. Or perhaps he's being lined up as a different hero that could show up in Justice League. Or maybe Nolan's just messing with us. Who knows.

What makes the non-comment more interesting is the fact that Snyder himself, when cornered in a recent interview, said he couldn't imagine "how you'd move forward without acknowledging" the new Superman leading into Justice League, meaning there could be some type of breadcrumb dropped along the way. Much like Marvel did with their early films, slipping in post-credit scenes to plant some seeds and get fans buzzing.

What do you think? Is Gordon-Levitt a red herring, or will Nolan find a way for him to fit into the new Justice League continuity?

(Via Movieline)