Tonight on Fringe: Flesh-eating bugs, Walternate woes and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

Who doesn't love a good and gruesome story about big flesh-eating bugs that eat you from the inside out? It sounds like the perfect episode of Fringe as tonight's episode, "Immortality," heads Over There to the alternate universe to check in with the alt-Fringe Division.

In the episode, Col. Broyles is history, so the team, including the recently returned Bolivia (aka Faulivia or Fake Olivia), investigate a bioterrorist who's using insects to do some damage.

Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman were determined not to give away too many secrets about tonight's episode. However, they did spill on a couple of points and talked about the Over There of it all in an interview.

"Without spoiling, this is an episode where there are at least two different kinds of parasites," said Pinkner.

"And only one which is a bug," laughed Wyman.

When it comes to the bugs, the duo said that not all the actors were thrilled about the buggy aspects of the story.

"Kirk Acevedo (who plays Charlie) has a primal fear of bugs and had to act with a bunch of live bugs and fake bugs, all of which equally terrified him," said Pinkner. "And we didn't know. But he was game and heroic despite. He conquered his fears, which was awesome."

Bugs or not, Wyman said when it comes to tonight's episode (and this season) he's thrilled about the Over There-ness of it all.

"What's really cool about having characters like doppelgangers is that we can deepen our characters by witnessing the other ones," said Wyman. "Because obviously these characters on the other side have made different choices. The starting point is the same, but the experiences that happened in their lives make them different people."

"Immortality" will also feature some significant Walternate action as he discovers that there are certain lines he will not cross even when it comes to trying to save his universe.

"Based on the information revealed at the end of this episode, there will be consequences over there for Bolivia and certainly Walternate, escalating the storytelling on that side," said Wyman. "The two universes are in a kind of disharmony. They are in a fractured balance, so anything that happens on one side, certainly for the duration of this season and moving forward, by design will affect the other side."

The story will also dig into Bolivia's issues as she's reunited with the man she left behind after she went off to spy Over Here and got a little too close to Peter. We'll get to see how she really feels about both men.

"On our show we're really lucky we get to tell themes that maybe you understand as a viewer and you've seen that before," said Pinkner. "It's not the first time you've heard about somebody having an affair outside of a relationship, and that is always very interesting drama. But it is a totally different thing when the person your loved one fooled around with is yourself or this other version of yourself." When it comes to Olivia/Peter/Bolivia this season, things "will not unfold in a way that I think is traditional. So I think people should prepare for that.

"Largely this season has been sort of like a march to war, and it will continue to be so, driven equally by the relationship of Peter and the two Olivias. But we've got more stuff coming. We're going to complicate it like we've done in the past two years as we drive to the end of the season. It will be as much as anything about setting up next season."

Here's a preview:

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