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Aug 19, 2011

As I sit, I squint at my computer LCD monitor, so I put on my prescription glasses to see better. I should've put them on earlier, because now I have a headache, so I take a couple of ibuprofens with a glass of fresh clean water from my tap.

I stretch my back a bit because it's sore. I have a herniated disk -- I found out last week when I got an MRI -- and I'll be going to the doctor in a few days to see if I need surgery, or perhaps just a cortisone injection to reduce the swelling. A friend said stuff like that hurts more when it rains, but I looked online and found out that's a myth. I checked the weather anyway and the satellite view shows it's pretty clear.

But man, that reminds me. I need a new computer -- the latest models are so fast, and use so much less energy -- and it sure would make browsing easier. That weather page took forever to download! At least five or six seconds.

The news page is even worse. And when it finally downloads, what do I see? Some scientist complaining that their budget is going to get cut. Well boohoo. I mean, seriously? Scientists?! What have they ever done for me?

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