Norman Osborn's ready to fight in preview of Amazing Spider-Man #25

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Feb 20, 2017

As long as there are Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker and Norman Osborn will be going toe-to-toe. The question isn't will they fight again, but when ... and what shape they'll each be in when the confrontation comes. Now, both men have changed, but the next showdown is coming.

Next month, in the wake of The Clone Conspiracy event, The Amazing Spider-Man issue #25 will kick off "The Osborn Identity," the latest Spidey vs. Gobin match-up that will see each man confront a new facet of the other.

In case you haven't been keeping tabs, Norman's apparently free of his Goblin serum infection, but not his taste for crime. Peter Parker, through his company Parker Industries, is trying to make the world a better place through technology, but someone -- namely, Norman Osborn -- is trying to foil him with Goblin-inspired weaponry. Now, that situation will come to a head, but this time Peter has an entire corporation in his corner.

The series will be written by longtime Spidey steward Dan Slott and drawn by the great Stuart Immonen, who you may know from his work on All-New X-Men, Star Wars and more. To make the issue even more attractive, Marvel's ballooned this particular comic up to 96 pages, with several backup stories featuring creators like Cale Atkinson, Christos Gage, James Asmus and more.

Check out preview pages along with several variant covers below. Amazing Spider-Man #25 arrives March 8.

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