Norman Reedus on what he'd do if Daryl really turns out to be gay

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Mar 6, 2015, 3:48 PM EST

Almost immediately after arriving on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus' crossbow-wielding, motorcycle-riding badass Daryl Dixon became a fan-favorite character, not just for his cool head under pressure or his surprising sensitivity, but because of the mystery surrounding him. Despite all his emotional ties to characters like Beth and Carol, and all his brothers-in-arms bonding with Rick, it always feels like Daryl never really has all of his cards on the table, and that creates an interesting aura around the character.

That mystery has, ultimately, fueled speculation that perhaps Daryl's close-but-not-romantic relationships with female characters on the show hint that he's, in fact, gay. That speculation was further teased out by Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman, but so far it's produced nothing of any substance within the actual series, and Kirkman eventually outright declared Daryl to be straight. So far the show's introduced one confirmed lesbian character in Tara (Alanna Masterson) and, very recently, the gay couple of Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson), but unless the writers' room takes a sharp turn on the character, it seems that those rumors about Daryl will remain rumors.

Still, what if it did happen? What if Daryl actually does turn out to be gay? During an appearance on Conan this week, host Conan O'Brien asked Reedus about the rumors, and about how he'd feel if the character is gay. Reedus confirmed that he and former showrunner Frank Darabont actually did discuss the possibility at one point, and that his response was "Hell yeah, let's do it." Since then it hasn't really been an issue for the character (he's been a bit busy, you see), but if it did happen somewhere down the line, Reedus made it clear that he's game, despite mixed reaction to the rumors from fans at conventions.

“If that’s the story they gave me, I would rock that story. I’m not afraid of it,” he said. 

Check out Reedus' full remarks in the video below.

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