Norway impact exaggerated?

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Jun 15, 2006

It's rare, but sometimes I wish I spoke Norwegian.

Last week, it was reported that a large meteor exploded over Norway. This is interesting news to say the least, as the explosion was reported as being pretty big. Pictures of the streak in the sky were published, reports were made of seismic disturbances, etc. We get lots of reports like this, and only rarely are they legit.

This one still looks legit, but now there is some confusion. The initial report said that the explosion was Hiroshima-sized (something like 13 thousand tons of TNT), but now another astronomer from Norway is saying that was exaggerated. In the new press release, this other astronomer, Professor Kaare Aksnes, is saying the explosion was smaller than that. I think. I'm not precisely sure what he's apologizing for, to be honest. The article summarizes what he said, but his original statement is in Norwegian! So I can't really tell what's what. I don't trust translation software, so if there are any Norwegian BABloggers out there, feel free to translate what he said and post it in the comments!

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