Not even Marvel’s Kevin Feige wants to talk about the Inhumans TV show

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Mar 26, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel has a whole lot of great shows on television, and a few more on the way thanks to projects like Runaways and The Punisher. But sadly, they’re not all winners.

One of Marvel’s biggest flops of the modern era is the positively dreadful Inhumans limited series. It’s clunky, boring, bone-headed and just generally inconsequential. Considering the project started its genesis as a planned feature on Marvel Studios’ big screen roadmap, it’s turned into quite a fall from grace for a franchise that’s actually a really big deal in the pages of Marvel Comics. As the first season slogs forward on ABC, the show is garnering some of the worst viewership ratings for any Marvel show in recent memory.

It’s also pretty much a non-factor among fans in regards of buzz, and it turns out, not even Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has much to say about the misstep as it continues to play out on a weekly basis. UPROXX caught up with Feige in the lead-up to the studios’ acclaimed Thor Ragnarok, and managed to throw in a question about Inhumans. To put it mildly, Feige decided to avoid the question. In the most hilarious way possible. No, it's not a straight-up Black Bolt impression, but it's still pretty great.

Here’s the exchange:

Question: I know you’re a huge Inhumans fan, and you lost that property to TV. Now, with that doing how it’s doing on television, do you look at that and go, well, maybe it’s best we didn’t do that one? Or do you still wish you had that property because you think you could have really knocked out of the park?

Feige: [Laughs] You’re breaking up, Mike. I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up…

Well played, Feige. Well played.

Which, hey — Marvel has a lot of fantastic things going on right now across pretty much every medium. So it's not the worst idea to try and keep the spotlight on all the stuff that’s going right, as opposed to the one project that is… umm… not.

If you’re still interested, Inhumans continues to air Friday nights on ABC.