Not even Steven Spielberg could get a Last Starfighter reboot off the ground

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Nov 24, 2014, 5:44 PM EST (Updated)

As a legit titan of Hollywood, you’d think legendary director Steven Spielberg could do just about anything — but apparently there’s a 1980s sci-fi franchise still outside his grasp.

Though it wasn’t the biggest hit, 1984’s The Last Starfighter still retains some sweet geek nostalgia for a whole lot of genre fans. Thanks to a modern-style trailer for the original film, it’s been getting even more buzz recently. But don’t get your hopes up — there’s a big roadblock preventing any chance of a reboot.

As /Film notes, original writer Jonathan R. Betuel retains the rights to all remakes and sequels, and he apparently has no interest in selling. At all. Seth Rogen has been trying to get the rights for the better side of ever to remake the film, with no luck. Rogen then revealed that Steven Spielberg (E.T., Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park) also took a run at the rights a while back, to no avail.

With just about every viable franchise from the 1980s getting the reboot treatment these days, this finally sheds some light on why The Last Starfighter has remained relatively unscathed. If Betuel wouldn’t even let Spielberg make a movie, you’d have to think this franchise will probably die with him. It’s a shame, because we’d love to see this one get another shot at big-screen glory.

We might not be able to make that happen, but we can show you the extremely cool modern trailer that got all this buzz going to begin with. Check it out below and let us know what you think:

(Via /Film)