Not Your Shero: the destructive diligence of Superia

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Aug 17, 2018

Everyone loves a hero, but we worship a good villain. Strong women come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, and sometimes that means looking up to a character who has no interest in being your role model. All this month, we're presenting Not Your Shero, a series that celebrates antiheroes, villains, and all the women way too busy wreaking havoc to save you.

In a Marvel universe dictionary, Dr. Deidre Wentworth’s face could probably be found next to the word "misandry," along with the many female villains who have a hatred toward men. Also known as Superia, she yearns for nothing less than total world domination by women and the total enslavement of men. Superia has no time to save you, especially if you happen to identify as the sex she deems inferior. Trying to rid the world of men takes a great amount of effort and numerous backup plans.

Her disdain for men is boundless, and her efforts to enslave them are as grandiose as they get. One of her earlier attempts at total female domination involved recruiting an army of female supervillains whom she aptly named the Femizons. Superia provided them with envelopes of $100,000 in cash and a luxury cruise to a private island. A pretty nice gesture, plus the island also had the world’s greatest mall on it. She may be a misandrist, but she is one who comes with gifts. Her plan was to launch a missile containing a biological weapon that would sterilize all women outside of the island's protective barrier. Superia believed this tactic would give her political leverage due to her selection of the only remaining fertile women, the highest of keys in terms of extreme.


Imagine being so dedicated to the enslavement of men that you sacrifice other women in the process. Superia is definitely no one’s shero but that of her own personal agenda. If it weren't for Captain America stopping her, the Marvel-616 universe was going to be in for its umpteenth event.  

Superia didn’t let her failed plans keep her down for too long and stayed true to her misandrist vision board. She made an attempt to take over A.I.M. In a display of resourcefulness, she planned to use their profits to fund her next attempt at world domination. It wasn’t the worst of ideas and could easily have been a tax write-off for A.I.M. Unfortunately her plans were ruined again, but this time by M.O.D.A.M., who was just too loyal. “World domination is a marathon, not a sprint,” reads a poster that should be hanging in Superia’s office.  


Superia’s diligence in destroying the male population leads her to return under her real identity, Dr. Deidre Wentworth. Her plans this time downsized substantially. She really is a queen of backups, and when you’re dealing with a nuisance like men, you have to have several of them. She gives a woman named Cathy Webster superhuman physical traits with a side effect of mind control. Dr. Wentworth planned to use Cathy, aka Free Spirit, as her misandrist messenger, but once again her plans are ruined by none other than Captain America.  

Not one to let a timeline stop her, Superia finally got control of the Cosmic Cube and used it to send knowledge to her younger self. Those actions created another timeline. Armed with information, a younger Superia created a new heroic identity and infiltrated the Avengers. She made sure Captain America wouldn't be around to foil her plans in the newly created timeline by clearing him from Avenger history after his reported death during World War II. She then took command of the Avengers and disbanded them. Not one to settle, she also made sure the Fantastic Four never returned from the negative zone and killed Tony Stark, keeping his brain for her own personal use afterward. She pretty much had her own Time Cop-like adventure, it too ending tragically for her.

While none of Superia’s plans for world domination ended the way she wanted them to, her devotion is no more extreme than any male villain, including Thanos for whom it took wiping out half the universe for Death to even utter a syllable his way. So we tip our wigs to Dr. Deidre Wentworth and her desire for a world ruled by women.

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