A note about our RSS feeds and other bug fixes

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Jan 29, 2013, 2:20 PM EST (Updated)

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions you sent in following our site redesign last week. We’re still cleaning up the last of the construction dust and hunting down a few final bugs, but wanted to give you an update on some things you’ve been asking about.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are working, but we're still fixing a few performance issues. If you're having any trouble finding them, and are where our feeds live. Both offer headlines and article summaries. You can also use to see full articles in the RSS reader of your choice.

The Blastr App

We are actively working to restore the app feed as soon as possible. It shouldn’t be long now.

Facebook & Twitter

Our Twitter feed is fully armed and operational, and we're working to restore Facebook service.

"Bouncing" Articles

A loading error that made articles appear to "bounce" when loading in has been fixed.

Thanks for your patience. Please continue to let us know if you see any problems so we can get them taken care of ASAP, and as always, thanks for reading!