A note about SCI FI Wire's commenting policy

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Jul 5, 2015, 4:57 PM EDT

Since we relaunched SCI FI Wire three weeks ago, you've posted hundreds of great comments, and we've enjoyed reading them all.

We listened when Gatchaman wrote about the upcoming Star Trek film that "I'll only like this movie if Scott Bakula plays Archer, Jolene Blalock played T'Pol, or William Shatner plays Kirk," when yea right predicted about Watchmen, "after the opening weekend that this is going to be the Heaven's Gate of action hero movies," and when JoshP told us that "I think that this site needs more cowbell."

Hey, we even took it to heart it when Rorschach took us to task by writing, "Oh good, another self indulgent list where the author thinks they are somehow smarter or cleverer than the person they are writing about," and when chicagorob1 told us that "I've never read a more rambling, disjointed, condescending 'review' of anything."

Now that you've all had time to test out the commenting system, we want to say thanks for all the fun, and share the simple guidelines of our commenting policy, which most of you have been following so far anyway even though we haven't stated them publicly.

Your opinions are welcome on SCI FI Wire as long as they follow these few rules:

Keep your comments related to the article you're commenting on, rather than going off on tangential, controversial topics which have nothing to do with the original article.

Be polite with each other, which means—no name calling, personal attacks, flaming or swearing.

We love to hear opposing and/or critical viewpoints (yes, really!), and we'll always allow posts that disagree with our articles as long as you follow the rest of the guidelines.

When necessary, we have the right to delete any post at any time for any reason—but we really don't want to, and if you follow these guidelines, we won't have to.

Thanks for all your comments. We're looking forward to reading more.