November 1 in Sci-Fi History: Ye Fantasy Blockbuster of Olde

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Mar 26, 2021, 1:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Look, there are plenty of old Greek myths in which gods drop out of the sky. There are some with talking animals, but it was on this day in 1611 that one of the first sci-fi/fantasy blockbuster hits premiered: William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

It was a play, yes, but ... still. Here’s a spectacular BBC Puppet version:

The story follows a shipwreck, a wizard named Prospero, his daughter Miranda, and a Gollum-like lizard-ish (sometimes, other times just sort of deformed) dude named Caliban (referenced later by the X-Men franchise).

Many (many) years later, on this day in sci-fi history in 2001, Starhunter debuted. The Canadian television show was created by G. Philip Jackson and Daniel D’or.

A "bunch of sexy people on a spaceship" drama, Starhunter follows some bounty hunters who live on a ship that was once a luxury cruise ship called the Tulip. The show ran for 44 episodes.

Today is also the birthday of Toni Colette, born in 1972. She was great as the mom in The Sixth Sense (1999). She was also great in this ...

Also, Logan Marshall-Green was born on this day in 1976. Things went bad for him in Prometheus (2012).

Tomorrow: Steve Ditko turns 90.