November 18 in Sci-Fi History: Alan Moore

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Nov 18, 2017, 8:30 AM EST

Today is the 64th birthday of Alan Moore, born on this day in 1953. He's often referred to as "the best graphic novel writer in history."

You know his work: Watchmen, From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke, and much more ...


Moore also wrote V for Vendetta, which was adapted for film by the Wachowskis and starred Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman.


It's interesting to note, though, that Moore refuses to have his name associated with any film adaptations of his work. In his words: "I have no interest in Hollywood."


He is sometimes referred to as "Alan Smithee" when credited for work that he no longer writes but is associated with and has also gone by the pen names "Curt Vile," "Jill de Ray," "Translucia Baboon," and "The Original Writer." Happy birthday to all of those people.

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