November 26 in Sci-Fi History: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Nov 26, 2017, 8:30 AM EST

It was on this day in 1865 that Lewis Caroll published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The book is a hodge-podge of parodies of literary tropes that were popular at the time and is generally pretty unhinged. It has spawned an animated Disney film (and, later, a couple of live-action Disney films).


And here's this insane scene from the 1985 TV movie version with Carol Channing, Ann Jillian, and Natalie Gregory.


There's also this even crazier recording of the theatre piece Alice at the Palace, with Meryl Streep, Michael Jeter, Deborah Rush, and Mark Linn-Baker. Skip to minute four to see when things get super weird.


Today is also the birthday of Ms. Tina Turner, who came screaming into this world in 1939. We have never been the same, and we've always been better because of her.


Tomorrow: Bruce Lee meets Alison Pill.