Now there's Star Trek wine to go with that officially licensed beer

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Jun 4, 2013, 3:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Even if beer's not your thing, you can still get toasted like a Trekkie.

Last month we showed you the first ever officially licensed Star Trek beer, Vulcan Ale, the first in a planned series of Trek-based brews. Now wine retailer Vinport has launched a limited collection of Trek wine based on three classic original series episodes. 

Featuring labels designed by artist Juan Ortiz, the wine commemorates the episodes "Mirror, Mirror," "City on the Edge of Forever" and "The Trouble With Tribbles." Inside each bottle is a blend of red wines from Sonoma, California's Viansa Winery, which Vinport describes like this:

"It is a special blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Dolcetto, Tinta Cao, and Tempranillo. The blend comes together to create a medium-bodied, easy drinking red wine that is full of depth and character."

The wines are available for pre-order now at the Vinport website. You can pick up a single bottle or a three-pack or, if you like, buy a whole case featuring four bottles of each episode label. The pre-sale is scheduled to continue for the next 57 days, but the bottling is limited, so if you're really itching to get your hands on this wine, better head over there now.

(Vinport via Cool Material)



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