Now you can have your very own remote-controlled Doctor Who K-9

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Apr 2, 2015, 12:26 PM EDT (Updated)

Doctor Who's been back on the air for a decade now, and it's caught on worldwide like never before. There are, obviously, plenty of nice side effects that come with this, well beyond ensuring that the series will likely live on for quite some time. For one thing, there's more Who merchandise around than we've ever seen. If you're a fan, you can own everything from t-shirts to action figures to a TARDIS mini-fridge, and because continued interest in the current series has driven renewed interest in the show's original run from 1963 to 1989, that merchandise extends to plenty of classic Who stuff, too. 

The latest delightful Who toy is something that will likely entice both new fans and classic fans: It's K-9, the Doctor's beloved robot dog companion, who first showed up in the Tom Baker years, then returned during the David Tennant years and eventually grew so popular he got his own short-lived spinoff show. As you can see above, the new K-9 toy does (almost) everything the real robot does. He talks, his ears move, his eyes light up, he's motorized, and the probe in his nose extends. Best of all, with the help of a dedicated app, you can control him with your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Sadly, the toy is only 1/4 scale, so you won't have a life-sized K-9 roaming around your house, but it's the next best thing. According to Forbidden Planet, the UK release date for the toy is April 30, and it'll be priced at 70 pounds (about $100). So it's a bit pricey, and you might have to wait a while before it hits this side of the pond, but for the dedicated Doctor Who collector it's likely a must-have.

(Via The Doctor Who Site)