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May 21, 2007

Well, that's it. The end of the world is here.

First Hollywood decided that it was time to remake "The Day the Earth Stood Still", one of the finest science fiction movies ever made.

Now they're going in the exact opposite direction. Think about it for a sec. What could that possibly be?


It's time for a remake of The Bionic Woman.

Lindsey Wagner will not be in it. My bro-in-law will be unhappy, but probably not too unhappy, as the new semi-mechanical woman, Michelle Ryan, is easy on the eyes. But I can't imagine, given the environment of TV today, where shows like Firefly and Futurama get canceled, that this will be anything more than an unending crap-o-rama. I'll be thrilled if it's good, but I'm not hopeful.

UPDATE: Well, hey! I know this sounds like worse news at first, but it looks like Fox will run a Terminator TV series. Yeah, I know, I know, but Summer Glau will be in it! She played River in Firefly, and is not only a good actress, but as a dancer she's a good pick for the part. That link has a trailer, and who know? It might be good.

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