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NYC dude karate-chops a chopper in new Cobra Kai prank video

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Apr 30, 2018, 5:38 PM EDT

Mischief-maker and masterful video prankster Michael Krivicka is the go-to director for amusing joke tie-in stunts for major Hollywood studios and producers. This New York-based filmmaker is the jester behind last year's "Geostorm Blizzard," for Warner Bros, "Spider-Man Grabs a Coffee" for Sony, and the "Aliens in New York City" gag to promote Fox's new The X-Files season earlier this year.

To help promote YouTube Red's new Cobra Kai TV series premiering May 2 and shock more unsuspecting Manhattanites, Krivicka has produced another tricksy gem punctuated with a few side-thrust kicks and potent punches. It even contains a cool cameo by Ralph Macchio, the original fly-catching, All Valley Karate Tournament champion who comments in the aftermath of the martial arts outburst.

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In this fresh and funny prank video, a simple accidental encounter between two Type-A New Yorkers quickly escalates into a destructive demonstration of public and private property. Watch the testosterone fly as a black-belt badass breaks a rude dude's motorbike in half!

Krivicka gave SYFY WIRE the exclusive details behind his latest tie-in short and explained how a little bit of lingering weather and the complexities of the shoot all coalesced into a classic stunt that had passersby choking on their hot chocolate. Oh, and he also got to hang out with his The Karate Kid childhood idol, Daniel-san!

"This was shot about a month ago in Soho," Krivicka tells SYFY WIRE. "Before we even set up, we had to clear the scene from all of the snow that was still on the ground. However, that didn't stop people from reacting to our prank. This was quite complex to execute because we had three individual mechanical props, two of which required a time-consuming setup: the bike and the fire hydrant. It took us a few takes to get the timing of all of the elements right."

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"Once everyone was in sync, we repeated this over the course of two days to various New Yorkers and tourists," he added. "Ralph was totally chill and game for anything. He was my teenage hero and it was an honor to have worked with him."

Starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, the 10-episode debut season of Cobra Kai strikes May 2 on YouTube Red.