NYCC 2017: The Realm is coming for Holden in Beyond trailer

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Mar 26, 2021, 4:00 AM EDT (Updated)

In Season 2 of Beyond, Holden (Burkely Duffield) will try to focus on having a normal life... but he’s not a normal person. After his many years in a coma—and the Realm—he’s emerged with a wealth of abilities, such as super strength, telekinesis, and firestarting. As executive producer David Eick said at New York Comic Con. “Season 1 was about Holden going to the Realm. Season 2 is about the Realm coming to Holden.”

We have the trailer below, and we see Holden trying to return to a normal life. But “normal” doesn’t seem to be in his future.

Executive producer Adam Nussdorf said, “You have to feel sorry for Holden, missing 12 years of his life.” But in the Season 2 trailer, below, viewers will feel sorry for him because some horrible things are happening around him.

But don’t feel too sorry for him, as the more the producers toss at Holden, the more he grows as a result. As Nussdorf said, I think Season 1 was…basically the origin story. [In Season 2] we dive into the complexity of what to is to be a hero.” This means Holden will emerge victorious—or at least, alive. And hopefully still not comatose.

Holden isn't the only character who we need to keep an eye on. The producers said that Charlie (Eden Brolin) had tricks up her sleeve, while Willa (Dilan Gwyn) might not be trustworthy, either. Also, Brolin has also been promoted to series regular, which means that there’s a potential love triangle in store for Beyond.

We’ll know more on January 18, 2018, when Season 2 airs on Freeform.