NYCC 2018: Earpers vote Wynonna at People's Choice Awards food truck

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:57 AM EDT (Updated)

Wynonna Earp has been a powerhouse of a series since its debut on SYFY nearly three years ago. The fandom, who have dubbed themselves Earpers, have shown in that time that they are a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to being ambassadors for their favorite show.

That was never more evident than on Thursday at 2018's New York Comic Con, where fans came from far and wide for just a few moments with series star Melanie Scrofano — oh, and a sparkly purple donut.

The event was actually part of the People’s Choice Awards’ presence at the annual gathering of genre fans, where the audience-chosen awards show allowed fans to vote for their favorite science fiction series by ordering a sugary fried confection. Wynonna Earp was a surprise nominee this year, as a write-in campaign sponsored by fans landed the show on the ballot in the Sci-fi/Fantasy Show category. 

Those we spoke to said the reason the show attracts such a devoted fan following is because of its characters and its cast.

“It’s a show that’s always been full of so much heart, full of so much love,” said Charlotte Livesey, who was there with her friends. “It makes you feel like you’re a part of it.”

“The cast is so amazing and nice on social media, and you can tell they really value their fans,” concurred Martha Hobby. 

“The fact that Mel was able to tweet and all of us came out here just shows how special it is,” added Nora Dominick.

Some of those in attendance came out to the convention only for this event. Livesey said she picked up one of the available Thursday tickets when she found out Scrofano would be there — and even got permission from her parents to cut class.

“My friend actually saw Melanie tweet it,” said Kelsey Molina, who also skipped school and took a five-hour bus ride for the opportunity to meet one of her heroes. “She bought me the pass and the bus ticket.”

Everyone we spoke to said they had been campaigning for the show ever since voting opened, some utilizing as many as four e-mail addresses to vote 100 times per day.

“It’s a lot of clicking,” said Livesey.

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