NYCC 2018: The crew behind Marvel's X-Men comics tease more mutant hijinks

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

The editors and writers of the X-Men comics at Marvel took a break from building out the world of mutants in order to attend New York Comic Con and tease upcoming stories, arcs, and events.

If you’re an X-Men fan, there’s no shortage of their comics coming to stores over the next few weeks and months. 

In fact, we’re entering an age of mutant surplus that will deliver news issues of X-Men: Black, a line of comics that focus on iconic villains like Emma Frost and Magneto.

Leah Williams, who writes Emma Frost, talked about how she doesn’t view the character as a straight up bad guy.

“I don’t see her as a villain … I think she’s an antihero,” she said, going on to describe Emma as “radically compassionate ... I feel like I wrote a love letter to her … It was so much fun to work on.”

Tackling Magneto are Zac Thomspon and Lonnie Nadler. 

“We’re probably going to ruin [Magneto] for a lot of you," Thompson said. 

What If? Magik arrives on Halloween (very fitting) and will explore an alternate reality where Magik did not join the New Mutants after escaping Limbo. You can check out a page of the interior artwork below, which features Doctor Strange.

What If Magik interior.JPG

Credit: Marvel Comics

Matthew Rosenberg, the writer on the revamped Uncanny X-Men title, teased a major threat that comes from a source close to the team. 

“This is a threat that … brings everyone together," he said. “If you have a favorite X-Man, there’s a solid chance that they’re gonna be in [there], trying to save the world ... There’s a couple people in the book that you haven’t seen too much of recently.”

Ed Brisson is handling the first Uncanny X-Men Annual with Carlos Gomez. Moderator Jordan White (head editor on all X-Men comics) read off the solicit info for the super-sized issue: "Cyclops: dead or alive?" The answer: "Super dead," according to Brisson, who is also doing Dead Man Logan.

Uncanny X-Men Annual 1.JPG

Credit: Marvel Comics

In this storyline, Logan realizes he doesn't have much time to live and must wrap up some "loose ends," Brisson offered. Beyond that, the only detail he gave up was a "pretty cool Logan vs. Mysterio arc.”

Ok, so Ed's not finished yet. He shows no signs of slowing down by taking on a reboot of X-Force as well. At the panel, he promised a lot of classic X-Force characters and betrayals. 

Charles Soule was not present, but his second issue of Return of Wolverine was on hand. White allowed a fan dressed as the clawed character to read it and give his non-spoiler-y opinion on it. He described it as "extremely intense" and containing a really cool fight seen that he could not elaborate on. 

For Iceman, you're in the capable hands of Sina Grace, who promised an awesome Admiral Ackbar joke in an upcoming issue. Moreover, he talked about the presence of Mr. Sinister, characterizing the forthcoming arc as, “very Chris Claremont-y."

Lastly, White hinted that since the Fantastic Four are back in their own series, it's just a matter of time before they meet up with the X-Men.

Check out the media gallery below for the covers and interior artwork shown at the panel. Some of them were not shown until today!

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