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NYCC: Adam Savage reveals why James Cameron was his favorite Mythbusters guest

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Oct 6, 2018, 4:15 PM EDT

Mythbuster and FX extraordinaire Adam Savage is coming back to the Discovery Channel after a bit of a hiatus. At the science geek’s NYCC panel, he talked about returning to the network for Mythbusters Jr., which he'll executive produce and appear in, and his own solo series

Savage will lead a group of STEAM-equipped youths (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) as they seek to confirm or deny some of the best myths out there. The reboot without any of the OG 'busters is just fine, but there's something about the magic of the original that Jr. will hope to recapture. After showing a trailer for the new show, Savage discussed a new show that he's starting preproduction on for Science Channel before addressing audience questions.

One of the more interesting ones was about favorite Mythbusters guests. Savage proclaimed Avatar and Titanic director James Cameron as his number one, partially because of how he arrived. Cameron apparently showed up alone in a cab, just ready to roll. If the director of The Terminator can be humble, so can you.

Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro was almost up there on Savage's list as well, as the former wanted to spend three nights in a haunted house with the 'busters (despite the protest of Jamie Hyneman), but they simply couldn't make it work. Ghosts just aren't in their wheelhouse. But myths? Well, for Savage, they're back on the busting docket. So too are other venues of reaching fans. Savage announced that he's writing a book, due out next year about "lessons learned from a lifetime of making."

Mythbusters Jr. debuts later this year.

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