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Rowdy DC Nation panel just wants Batman to be happy

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Oct 7, 2018, 4:45 PM EDT

One of the last panels at New York Comic Con was one of the more crazy. DC co-publisher Dan DiDio brought a host of creators to Sunday's "DC Nation" panel, to discuss what they, and the fans, love about their favorite characters.

Joining DiDido on the panel were writers Adam Glass (Teen Titans), Joshua Williamson (The Flash), Robert Venditti (Hawkman), and Keith Giffen, as well as artist Emanuela Lupacchino.

The one-hour discussion was a complete interaction between the audience and the panelists. It started with DiDio listing off different characters and gauging the response from the audience. He started with Batman, which garnered many screams of "JUST LET BATMAN BE HAPPY!" It's Batman, so we don't see that happening anytime soon.

Sticking with the Bat-Family, they discussed perennial favorite Nightwing. To the crowd's dismay, DiDio talked about how he hated the character. "We keep seeing Nightwing getting older, along with some of the other heroes of his generation. However, Batman doesn't. I'm always afraid we are going to have to write the story where Nightwing is OLDER than Batman."

They moved onto the Flash, which brought some anger from the crowd, especially as it pertained to Wally West (read Heroes in Crisis #1 to understand why). DiDio then asked Williamson how he separates the characters who are all speedsters. "Barry is one who is always challenging himself to be a better Flash. Wally is always having fun with it. Barry is the brains, while Wally is the spirit. Wallace is trying to be his person and doesn't want to take over the Flash mantle someday. Godspeed wants to do the right thing just like Barry, but wants to go about it in a much easier way, and kill people."

Venditti then discussed what he loves about his current title, Hawkman. "I liked the challenge of solving the puzzle that is Carter Hall's history," he explained. "Once I realized he could have lived across both time AND space, that's when I knew I had something to work with." We'll be able to see that in an upcoming issue, as Carter meets his Kryptonian self.

Lupacchino also announced that she is currently working on a Supergirl one-shot, and will soon be taking on the artist duties for Wonder Woman. If you want to see a great example of her work, the recent Plastic Man #4 is an excellent example of what we have to look forward to with the Amazonian Princess.

The panel also included some "firsts" from the fans. What was their first comic book? What was their first convention? What was their goal for NYCC? And the funniest question: "Where was the strangest place you ever bought a comic?" Answers included a corner deli, a Wendy's, a pet shop at a flea market, and even a Jamaican fish fry.

The DC Nation panel is, as DiDio says, a way for "US to talk to YOU" about the characters we all love. The passion exuded from everyone in the panel confirmed that the DC Nation is stronger than ever.

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