NYCC: DC Universe launches first exclusive comic, explains influences on Titans, Doom Patrol, Stargirl

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Oct 4, 2018, 5:44 PM EDT

With the launch of the DC Universe streaming service and all the digital goodies that came with it, specifically on Batman Day, the new section of the comic world kicked off with a bang that shows like Titans and Swamp Thing look to continue. How are they going to do that? Well, the forces that be stopped by New York Comic Con to talk about the launch, the impact, and the future of DC Universe.

Speaking at the streaming service's very first panel, DC bigwigs like Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Sam Ades, Patty Hirsch, and Rob Kamphausen touched on the launch and future of DC's online offerings. They debuted a new trailer for Titans, which had made its world premiere at NYCC the night before and featured the treat of Raven's father, a chomping Beast Boy, and some killer Starfire... star-firing.

Johns then described the influences surrounding Raven's storyline in the show's first season as more humanized horror, like The Conjuring and Changeling. Stargirl, on the other hand has a much lighter feel. Touchstones include The Karate Kid and Spider-Man: Homecoming, pushing a John Hughes-esque feel to the coming-of-age superhero fare. Doom Patrol splits the difference, going instead for utter weirdness - like The Addams Family.

Finally, in one of the more exciting components being announced at the panel, Lee said that the service was releasing its first exclusive comic offering. A one-shot, Young Justice Outsiders prequel comic will be headed to DC Universe. Other upcoming features are the '80s Supergirl film, Reign of the Supermen, and Batman: Hush — on the way next year.

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