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Kevin Conroy belts out a Bruce Wayne show tune at Batman: The Animated Series NYCC panel

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Oct 5, 2018, 11:50 AM EDT

Twenty-five years later and Batman: The Animated Series is just as beloved as it was in the '90s.

To celebrate that fact, the OG crew behind the influential cartoon stopped by New York Comic Con for a fun and insightful panel that also promoted the remastered version of the show, whose Deluxe Edition box set goes on sale Oct. 30. 

When talked turned to the cast's favorite lines or episodes, Kevin Conroy, the famous voice of Batman, began singing his rendition of "Am I Blue?" from 2004's Justice League Unlimited. Technically not B:TAS, but it still got a massively positive reaction from the audience. 

"Spider-Man [Turn Off the Dark] on Broadway was a bomb, but I say Batman on Broadway!" said Loren Lester (voice of Robin/Nightwing). 

Tara Strong (voice of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl) said that her favorite episode is "Girl's Night Out" from The New Batman Adventures.

While she couldn't remember the exact episode, Diane Pershing (voice of Poison Ivy) recounted a moment from the show, where Ivy tells Harley (voiced by Arleen Sorkin) that she shouldn't let men treat her poorly. In the years since, Pershing's been approached by tearful young women, who were so inspired by that line. It certainly rings true in the current era of "Me Too."

“Word got out [during production on the series]... Everyone wanted to do this show!... Because the recording sessions were so much fun," said Conroy.

The actor was presented with a quarter-sleeve baseball shirt that sports the classic Batman logo with the name "Conroy on it." He immediately swapped the shirt he was wearing for it before belting out a traditional line: "I am vengeance. I am the night. I AM BATMAN!"

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Developed by Bruce Timm and Eric Rodamski, the show could not have had a better pair of executive producers. Timm was more a die-hard comic-book fan, while Rodamski came from more of a traditional production background. In particular, Rodamski talked about how he came to respect the Batman mythos more and more as he worked on the show with Timm.

"Bruce brought true life to the characters and the series," Rodamski said. 

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Credit: Josh Weiss

Like they did at San Diego Comic Con, the panel screened certain clips from the show in split screen, showing the old resolution and the remastered version side-by-side. 

Lester declared that given the amount of reboots from the '80s and '90s happening today, Batman: The Animated Series deserves new episodes. 

Of course, the panelists had to address the bantha-sized elephant in the room: Mark Hamill as the Joker. 

“I thought it was weird that Luke Skylwaer was gonna [do] Joker," Conroy said. 

“I would not have put money on [Mark] nailing it, but he was awesome," added Timm.

"His laugh always got me every time," continued Strong. 

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