NYCC: Pamela Ribon on using roller derby as the setting for her new comic series

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Oct 16, 2017, 2:13 PM EDT (Updated)

When you think of roller derby, you can't help but think of a hard-hitting, female-fronted environment - and that's exactly where author Pamela Ribon has set her latest original comic series. 

SLAM!, which is published by Boom Studios, was partly inspired by Ribon's own past in the world of roller derby as a former Los Angeles Derby Doll - and we had the opportunity to sit down with her at New York Comic Con to discuss all things SLAM!

Alongside Ribon is Veronica Fish, who creates the equally fun and colorful illustrations that are part of what make SLAM! such an engaging story. Ribon says she made a point to emphasize the diversity of bodies that are celebrated in the sport of roller derby, and wanted that to come through via Fish's art.

It turns out that roller derby has taken Ribon to places in her career she never thought she'd go, and SLAM! is a fantastic end result.

Check out our full interview with Ribon below, where she touches on her work with Disney animation, how she got started in comics and her ideas for a Disney princess roller derby team.

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