NYCC: The cast of Titans on how their personal experiences helped shape their characters

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Oct 5, 2018

This morning at NYCC, the cast of the upcoming DC Universe series Titans convened on SYFY WIRE’s Live Stage to discuss the new superhero ensemble series, as well as how they each drew on their personal experiences to help flesh out their respective characters. 

"Everybody did their research," said Teagan Croft, who plays the demon-possessed Raven. After being cast, Croft said she went straight to a comic shop and picked up the original Teen Titans run, as well as Raven's stand-alone series, to help her prepare. While the cast wanted to be respectful of the characters fans know and love, "we had to create a new take on the characters. It's fun to bring new aspects to a character and make it even better." 

"The whole inner-demon aspect about her, not knowing who she is, and having this battle within herself," Croft added. "A lot of people can relate to that. Certainly, every single teenager ever has battled an inner demon at some point."

It was that kind of relatability that meant these roles felt much more personal role for some, as Beast Boy actor Ryan Potter explained. 

"I grew up with the Teen Titans," said Potter. "When I moved from Japan to America, Teen Titans was the first animated series that I fell in love with. The animation style was similar to that of something I watched back home, and Beast Boy doesn't fit into society. But his attempt, through pop culture, to assimilate with friends, I took that as a model to make friends when I did speak English."

This sentiment was echoed by Anna Diop, who also had a deeply personal connection with the character of Starfire. 

"What's really fun is when we meet her in the pilot, she doesn't know anything about herself," said Diop. "She's an alien, and that's something I always related to. I come from a different country, I came here when I was young, and always felt out of place and always trying to find my way. I love that about Starfire, too."

Titans premieres on DC Universe on October 12. In the meantime, be sure to check out SYFY WIRE’s full coverage of NYCC 2018, including up-to-the-minute news, exclusive interviews, and videos.

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