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NYCC: Zachary Levi doesn't mind if you call him Chuck and can't wait for little Shazams next Halloween

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Oct 7, 2018, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Shazam!'s Zachary Levi took the Main Stage at New York Comic Con Sunday afternoon to thunderous applause and cheers from the audience, just so he could answer questions from fans for an hour-long period.

The first question had to do with what he considers to be the legacy of NBC's Chuck and if people still refer to him as the main character of the series, Chuck Bartowski.

His answer turned into a heartfelt speech about his love and appreciation of fans and how he doesn't care if you refer to him as "Chuck." In fact, he said you can call him  "schmuck-O" or "poopypants" if you so choose, but those aren't very nice, so we'd advise against it. No one should be called "poopypants," unless they're from a Captain Underpants book. 

"It's an honor to be called Chuck," he said, referencing the fact that the show has meant so much to him (he was unemployed when he got the role) and so many fans of the show. In addition, he did note that they're still trying to get Chuck back to the small screen, most likely in the form of a 90-minute movie. 

Zachary Levi NYCC 2018

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Levi then talked about his excitement for the theatrical release of Shazam! in 2019, voicing his anticipation to see kids running around as the superhero next Halloween.

“It’s gonna blow my f***in mind!” he said.

If you do end up trick r' treating at Levi's home next October, just make sure you say the magic word (just like young Billy Batson) if you want him to give you candy. 

Growing up, he was a big reader of Marvel Comics and a major fan of Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee. Indeed, he recalled how he got very close to landing the part of Star-Lord in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie from writer/director James Gunn, whom he knows personally. When Chris Pratt got the role instead, Levi was beyond bummed, but came to realize that he was not, "born to play Star-Lord." As we now know, there was another comic book destiny out there for him. 

"As I researched more and more of Shazam, and Billy Batson, and this world ... [I realized that] this was the role I was always, hopefully, supposed to play ... because I'm just a big f***in kid," he said. 

When someone asked Levi about his opinion on the toxicity of fandoms, he said that it's impossible to please everyone, but hopes that people can still be open-minded and patient, rather than insecure and angry. 

“We have to understand that none of these characters belong to any one of us," said Levi. 

Shazam! strikes theaters on April 5, 2019.

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